In Magland it sends the wood!

  • Magland is not just the capital of sausage and canyoning!
  • it makes up, with Arâches-la-Frasse, the international resort of Flaine
  • it will soon welcome the Funiflaine, a public cable transport which will link the Arve valley to Flaine in less than 20 minutes.

Between Cluses and Chamonix, we have no idea that Magland is inhabited by… art. The artists cook while the cuisine here defends its states of art thanks to many chefs who pass on their knowledge to you. And that's without counting on local artists: the village is the world capital of sausage and snail! The problem in Magland is that when you experience Beauty, experience Good, and you never know if it's "art" or pig.

Here we love the sausage!

Saucisson fumé de Magland, charcuterie de Magland, Pinot
Credits Charles Savouret

Fans of aperitifs with friends, look no further: Magland is the sausage capital of the world!

The artisanal butcher and charcuterie Fontaine has been lovingly developing Magland sausage in the heart of the village for over 20 years. Eric Devaux uses his own smoking room which is located next to the store. At home, no surprises! You will only find quality products from the best breeding!

Maison Pineau is also specialized in the artisanal production of local charcuterie. Its secret: the sausage smoked over beech wood in its large fireplaces. No coloring or preservative are used in its manufacture.

Magland sausage is plain or smoked: no offense to the heads of bacon, it is 100% tested and approved by aperophiles from all over the world, fans of “Made in here”!

Art on all floors

Flaine, œuvres d'art, Picasso
RIS credits

Half of the resort of Flaine is part of Magland and the other half of Arâches-La-Frasse.

Flaine is an open-air museum with its Art Center and its park of monumental sculptures such as “Le Boqueteau” by Jean Dubuffet or “La Tête de Femme” by Pablo Picasso.

When we tell you that in Magland it's caffi * (square) of works of art, we have to believe us!

Beautiful lakes for fishing

3 lakes are present on the territory of Magland.

Flaine lake

Lac de Flaine is located near the resort. A true haven of peace, it is regularly fry and stocked with Rainbow trout.

Chamonix lake

Credits Haute-Savoie Fishing Federation

Make no mistake about it! This lake is not located in Chamonix, but in Magland! This old gravel pit located next to Lake Balme, offers you its crystalline. It is mainly populated by predators (pike, perch) and forage fish.

Balme lake

Credits Haute-Savoie Fishing Federation

The water of this 2nd category lake is magnificent and translucent! It is regularly stocked with rainbow trout.

How to fish?

Each permit can be purchased directly from the Flaine Tourist Office. The purchase of 1 license for mountain lakes allows you to use 1 fishing rod.

Electric or without assistance: cycling for everyone

Passerelle voie verte, cyclisme, véloroute Genève Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Magland
Cluses Digital Images Credits

We don't all have the level of Julian Alaphilippe. Fortunately for us, the little queen has gone electric. By renting from Magland, you will effortlessly "tackle the mountain" up to Flaine or Carroz.

And if the dish you prefer, the beautiful greenway along the Arve you will take!