Zanin : notre emblême de la chocolaterie

Zanin: our emblem of the chocolate factory

The great pastry chef, chocolatier, ice cream maker and confectioner Roland Zanin transports us into his world of indulgence. After starting out in pastry making, he became passionate about chocolate making and set out in search of the best flavors: something to delight our taste buds! My name is Roland Zanin, I am a pastry chef, chocolatier, ice cream maker, confectioner. I have […]

Thomas Benedetti, le rider Frenchie

Thomas Benedetti, the Frenchie rider

Sliding down the ramps, jumping in the air, chaining tricks… that's the passion of BMX. Like any good little brother, Thomas followed in the footsteps of his eldest in the skateparks. After several training sessions between siblings, he chained good results with many podiums. From English “Bicycle motocross” “This […]

Sur les terres de Stéphane Cartier

On the lands of Stéphane Cartier

Stéphane Cartier was predestined to work the land. His great-grandfather grew garlic, his grandparents vegetables, and his father took over. 13 years ago, Stéphane took over the family business with his partner. Meeting in the middle of the vegetables with this passionate market gardener... Here, we work as a family "I've always wanted to work [...]

Sur le Coux d’Evelyne et Jean-François Boisier

On the Coux d'Evelyne and Jean-François Boisier

To meet Evelyne and Jean-François and discover their guest house, it has to be earned! In the middle of the mountains, in Thyez, nestle a room and a table d'hôtes which invite you to recharge your batteries.

Stéphane, dumont de père en fils

Stéphane, dumont from father to son

For several years, Stéphane Bastian has been the owner of the refreshment bar on the shores of Lac Bénit in Mont-Saxonnex. Discreet by nature, he nevertheless willingly shares his passion for the lake, Bargy and his village, provided he lends an attentive ear. Meeting with this passionate dumont… The rule of 3 […]

Hilary Honorine, la jeune lutteuse clusienne

Hilary Honorine, the young clusian wrestler

Since the age of 12, Hilary has been fighting together, accumulating medals and aiming for a ticket to the Olympic Games!

Sabrina Presset dans sa petite épicerie

Sabrina Presset in her small grocery store

In the middle of its wooden shelves, Sabrina offers a wide choice of local products for your shopping. The Amélie grocery store brings the small village of Mont-Saxonnex back to life. It has become a real local business, a place of life and conviviality. A desire for change “I first worked in the pharmaceutical sector for […]

Romane Miradoli, championne de ski alpin

Romane Miradoli, alpine ski champion

Work, ambition to spare and the constant desire for challenge and adrenaline! This is what punctuates the daily life of Romane Miradoli, alpine ski champion. To meet her, go to her station, Flaine, located in the territories of Magland and Arâches-la-Frasse. My name is Romane Miradoli, I am from Flaine and I am 29 […]

Robin « des bois » Truchon, en plein dans le mille

Robin “des bois” Truchon, right on target

One could say of Robin that his passion comes from another time, from a bygone era…and yet, nothing could be more natural for this passionate young man. In the perpetual search for a perfect bow that respects the environment, his quest for a local and quality raw material echoes the problems of our generations. Meeting… A […]

Rémi Zanin, Le Reposoir au gré des saisons

Rémi Zanin, Le Reposoir according to the seasons

Rémi is a great enthusiast: passionate about the mountains first, where he decided to build his life there. Passionate about skiing, then, he gives without counting for the smooth running of the ski resort in his village. Passionate about Le Reposoir, finally, where he likes to share good times with his friends, his family […]

Prachi et Benoît, le couple franco-indien

Prachi and Benoît, the Franco-Indian couple

Prachi and Benoît have created a place that opens the doors of well-being to you. Located on the edge of the forest and along a river, Sanskriti is a peaceful place where life is good!

Patrick Monterrain, l’impression sans pression !

Patrick Monterrain, printing without pressure!

Patrick Monterrain and more broadly the Monterrain family, is one of those old Clusian families who knew how to undertake, develop and renew themselves. In the world of Savoyard printing, Patrick, with a joking air, leads a life at 100 an hour to provide his customers with top products and to meet […]

Pascal Cartier, la tête dans le guidon

Pascal Cartier, head in the handlebars

No pun intended (no, never!), if there is one who gets the shirt wet, it's him! At the head of the Vélo Club Cluses Scionzier for less than two years, Pascal, a Clusian from father to son, is dedicated to the development of cycling open to as many people as possible. At the initiative of […]

Olivier Villeron, la passion de la montagne

Olivier Villeron, passion for the mountains

A sporting course! First a sports instructor in the army, then a rescuer at the PGHM in Chamonix, I returned to the mountains of Mont-Saxonnex to be a guide. Today, I practice mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, via ferrata, ice bridges and even ski touring. The mountain […]

Nathan Paulin, en équilibre…

Nathan Paulin, in balance ...

Nathan Paulin is a highliner, a modern tightrope walker. And where does it come from you will tell me? From here ! More precisely of Reposoir, a village that he carries in his heart and that he still lives today. Passionate about mountain sports from a young age, Nathan finds true inner peace in this activity combining intense concentration and body control.

Nalani, gourmande et responsable

Nalani, gourmet and responsible

With Nalani, it's a bit of an unlikely encounter with this young Tahitian, of Chinese origin, who lives in Mont-Saxonnex and who cooks delicacies to roll on the floor! His big smile always welcomes you for a tasting or explanations. It is with undisguised enthusiasm that it opens its doors to you here. The pastry […]

Michèle Paccot – Le sourire du Comité des Fêtes

Michèle Paccot - The smile of the Holiday Committee

Michèle Paccot is a well-known face of Cluses and for good reason: she has worked for years in associations and more particularly within the famous “Festival Committee”… Volunteering suits her well and makes her come alive. Impossible not to cross his smile during a Clusian demonstration. It is difficult for […]

Mélina, des projets plein la tête

Mélina, head full of projects

The Azur Bien-être Center in Marnaz is the brainchild of Mélina Boussaid. This innovative concept places human well-being at the heart of all its actions: care, boutique, fashion, hairdressing, institute ... Mélina tells us ...

Maximilien Lejeune, champion de tir à l’arc !

Maximilien Lejeune, archery champion!

Meet Maximilian, the Clusian Robin Hood. This archery enthusiast will surely make you want to shoot some arrows. Concentration, precision and pleasure make this sport an atypical discipline! A childhood dream… “Hello, my name is Maximilien Lejeune, I am 32 years old and I have been shooting an archery since the age of […]

Marina et Fabrice, entre gourmandise et convivialité

Marina and Fabrice, between greed and friendliness

Marina and Fabrice are the owners of the restaurant la Rebloche in Romme. With them, it is the assurance of a warm welcome and good local products. We love the atmosphere that reigns in this place, between locals accustomed to the place and people passing through delighted to find themselves in such a privileged setting...welcome to Rebloche! When […]

Marielle, Philou et le Bobby

Marielle, Philou and the Bobby

Marielle and Philippe, the couple in love with good things, offer us an ideal place for convivial moments. A warm pub alive to the rhythm of events and original concepts!

Marc Callier, boucher et charcutier reconnu

Marc Callier, renowned butcher and charcutier

As discreet as he is recognized outside the limits of his village, Marc Callier is an institution in Mont-Saxonnex. His charcuterie made the entire Haute-Savoie salivate. He would not see himself living anywhere else, far from his village. Meeting with this local figure, colorful, who shares his job with us with passion. A […]

Ludovic Gloanec et sa meute de huskys

Ludovic Gloanec and his pack of huskies

Toulouse is renowned for its sausage, a true star of gastronomy. Impossible not to think either of the Cachou invented by Léon Lajaunie, a famous pharmacist from Toulouse. For us, the Toulouse star is Ludovic Gloanec and his passion does not come from the south! He swapped his jersey and his flip-flops for furry boots and a chapka: […]

Louis Pernat, entrepreneur convivial et engagé

Louis Pernat, friendly and committed entrepreneur

Louis Pernat is a passionate and exciting business leader. He drives with great dynamism the daily evolution of his companies. Customer demand at the heart of his priorities, he never neglects the social and ecological aspects of his activity. Example with the Precimask, created during the first confinement. Industry 360°… “My name is Louis Pernat, […]

Léonie, Agy comme terrain de jeu !

Léonie, Agy as a playground!

If we had to talk about Léonie, a young 21-year-old ski instructor, it would be: Agy plateau, sharing and Nordic skiing! But not only ! With a life at 100 per hour and a communicative joie de vivre, discover with humor the daily life of these men and women who, depending on the season, adapt their professional activities and their passions.

Léa Janoli, rigueur et ambition

Léa Janoli, rigor and ambition

Léa Janoli is only 22 years old and yet, “she has everything of a great! » as some will say… 200% in her sport, French boxing, she does not forget her professional life and seems to have found the right balance between the two. We wish him a successful season! An exemplary career… Hello […]

Le Jalouvre : le petit cocon de Yoan et Lou

Le Jalouvre: Yoan and Lou’s little cocoon

Yoan and Lou open the doors of Jalouvre to us, which they have completely renovated to their liking in a relaxed and mountainous atmosphere. Passionate about hotels and restaurants since they were young, taking over the Jalouvre was an obvious choice for them. Yoan: “I am Yoan Darrigrand, I have been […]

Le Cabaret du Mont-Blanc

The Mont-Blanc Cabaret

Christophe Muffat, at the origin of the group Les Choucas, created with his wife Myriam, the Cabaret du Mont-Blanc, to keep the group going. After 36 years of touring, Les Choucas settled in Cluses. Christophe: Hello, I am Christophe Muffat, the founder of Les Choucas. I am also at the origin of this great initiative: Le Cabaret […]

Laetitia et son troupeau de chèvres

Laetitia and her herd of goats

Laetitia traded in the trade for that of a goat breeder. After finding land, she built her goat farm at La Pierre in Laya d'Arâches, on the Route des Carroz.

Adrien Bonnaz, la passion du métier

Adrien Bonnaz, passion for the profession

A desire for good cheeses? Go to the Oulettes goat farm. Adrien will welcome you and show you his quality products.

Julien Maniglier, forgeron dans l’âme

Julien Maniglier, blacksmith at heart

Do you know, Julien, the blacksmith cutler from Saint-Sigismond, finalist of the famous show Forged in Fire? The man has rolled his bump during his 1000 lives: soldier, ski instructor, cowboy in Texas, snowmobile guide... But that was before, before his revelation... Totally self-taught "One fine morning in 2014, I woke up and me […]

Julien Arroyo, passionné de pétanque

Julien Arroyo, petanque enthusiast

Julien is what we call a buff! Petanque is his life. Very involved in the community, he keeps his club alive all year round. He has a multitude of projects in mind for the future. A long-standing experience! “I was coach selector at the petanque of Scionzier for 4 years for the team of […]

Jérémy Picard, l’autodidacte

Jérémy Picard, the autodidact

It is in Mont-Saxonnex, between forest and mountain that Jérémy Picard has created his haven of peace. Its accommodation, named Altipik, is aptly named. The concept is atypical. Residents stay in tipis. The open-air hotel is comfortable and authentic. He built everything with his own hands “Originally from Haute-Savoie, I wanted to participate […]

Jérémy Delacquis, interview sur une botte de paille !

Jérémy Delacquis, interview on a straw bale!

Jérémy is an energetic young farmer who has resources! Fallen into it since childhood, he started as an entrepreneur at the age of 21. Passionate and fascinating, he welcomes you with a broad smile… Come and meet him at the Chamonix-Mottet farm in Magland.

Gwenaëlle et Fabrice, les Grand »s » gourmands

Gwenaëlle and Fabrice, the great gourmets

Do you know the Grand bakery? But yes, the specialist in whipped meringues. It was Fabrice Grand who brought this old baker's recipe, created during the war, up to date. Today, with his partner Gwenaëlle, they are keen to make everything at home: from the flour to the kneading, everything is local. Their credo: to please […]

Frédéric Borel _ Just Jump

Frederic Borel _ Just Jump

Frédéric welcomes us to Marnaz! A trampoline lover in his spare time, he decided to make it his job by opening the doors of his own park: Just Jump. So, ready to put your head upside down? On your marks, get set, jump! A new core business After years of […]

Frédéric Boiteux, la passion de la photographie

Frédéric Boiteux, the passion for photography

Fascinated by photography since his childhood, Frédéric Boiteux has been working for more than 20 years in Cluses. In his shop, with his wife Marie-Laure, or outside, he will meet your expectations. Invested in the territory, he is also the creator of the Images & Neige festival, which has met with great success. The passion for […]

Enzo Milesi : l’envol d’un champion

Enzo Milesi: the flight of a champion

Enzo Milesi is only 20 years old and he is already a double French champion (just that). In all humility, he talks about his journey and his love for Nancy-sur-Cluses, his village, and Romme, the resort where he did his first skiing. My name is Enzo Milesi, I am 20 years old, I am in […]

Emile Allamand, l’industrie 4.0

Emile Allamand, industry 4.0

What is the link between covid-19, the Arve valley and Emile Allamand? You may have already seen in pharmacies, surgical masks made in Cluses worn since the beginning of 2020? Well, these masks are the work of Savoy International, a local company created in 1982 and directed by Emile Allamand.

Elsa Roux ou la passion de l’élevage

Elsa Roux or the passion for breeding

With us, farmers have been passionate about their profession since childhood. This is the case for Elsa, who has wanted to become a farmer since she was little! Firmly anchored in the land of her ancestors, Elsa is a young woman who knows what she wants. Still a student, she intends to take over the family farm and develop it in the years to […]

Eloi Blanchet, le respect des traditions

Eloi Blanchet, respect for traditions

Eloi has been walking his beautiful Reposoir mountains since he was old enough to walk. His parents, farmers since 1977, made him discover every nook and cranny and it was only natural that he fell in love with his environment. He opened the doors of his farm to us, where you can buy good […]

Edwige & Jérémy, les motards responsables

Edwige & Jérémy, responsible bikers

At Edwige & Jérémy, we live life at 200 an hour, but aboard 100% electric vehicles, please! These lovers of mechanical and mountain sports open their doors to us for a short motorbike ride… shall we take you on board? Become the king of burn in 2 lessons “Hello, I am Edwige […]

Edith Molinier, la fibre du commerce de qualité

Edith Molinier, the fiber of quality trade

When looking for a quality store for our teas and coffees, one address: the Mont-Blanc roasting. We love Edith's wise advice, who selects quality products to please and have fun (yes, that's important too)! The store opens its doors for you for a short visit… THE […]

Dimitri Donat-Magnin, la mélodie du bonheur

Dimitri Donat-Magnin, the melody of happiness

Cleavage and music, funny combination, no? Think again ! This is inseparable for Atelier Donat. A family affair, mouthpieces and wind instruments. Come closer, Dimitri tells us his story.

Didier Lathuille, décolleteur de la vallée

Didier Lathuille, bar turning machine from the valley

After sales management, Didier Lathuille is now president of a Marnerote company with more than 65 employees. The Lathuille-Hudry family business specializes in precision machining.

Claire Philipczyk, en lien avec la nature et soi-même

Claire Philipczyk, in connection with nature and oneself

Claire does not do ONE job but THOUSAND at the same time: mountain guide, specialist in hiking yoga and Afghan walking, graduated in Shiatsu, Qi Gong, fluidic osteopathy and Sensory massage…. She has chosen to support people in a process of well-being and personal development.

Christophe Missillier

Christophe Missillier

On the heights of Cluses, at Le Reposoir, Christophe continues a family business and changes the activity of the store and the grocery store. In addition, Christophe always has plenty of entertainment projects in mind to energize the small village and come to relax and have fun!

Christian Lacroix, l’écho du rock

Christian Lacroix, the echo of rock

Engravings, friends and rock'n roll! This is how we could sum up this portrait. If his illustrious namesake has rather traced his life in lace, our Christian from the mountains has rather found his way in the world of industry and music…with success! The Musiques en Stock festival has become THE benchmark for […]

Chloé Challier

Chloe Challier

Chloe lives several lives in one. She leads them all with passion and rigor. We love this life lesson, between day-to-day adaptation and new projects. Take a break to discover this personality of the valley, which already appears to be a great source of inspiration! Multiple facets My name is Chloé and I live […]

Catherine Pléwinski, double médaillée Olympique

Catherine Pléwinski, double Olympic medalist

Does this name mean something to you too ?! Two Olympic medals, three world medals, nine European medals, forty titles of champion of France ... But yes it is she, the swimmer from Clus, who was talked about so much a few years ago!

Camille Sennegon

Camille Sennegon

Camille Sennegon is one of the Clusian revelations. At only 20 years old, he was already a triple gold medalist in locksmithing and metalwork. Also a cutler, he turned his passion into an art, through patience, perseverance and precision. He opens the doors of his Clusian workshop to us, at home. Subsequently in the […]

Bertrand Sanglard, la montagne avant tout

Bertrand Sanglard, the mountain above all

After a career oriented towards industry and construction, Bertrand Sanglard fell in love with the mountains. Living in Mont-Saxonnex, he became a high mountain guide and multiplies activities throughout the seasons. The beginning of a passion Hello, my name is Bertrand Sanglard, I am a mountain guide and I live […]

Aurélien, mille & un services !

Aurélien, thousand and one services!

In winter in Romme, you will inevitably meet Aurélien at the ski center, a must-see for all families who pass by there! It is Aurélien who will sell you your ski pass and equip you for the slopes, and it is he again at the end of the day who will serve you your chocolate crèpe with whipped cream supplement (let us not refuse anything!). Meeting with a person as discreet as he is sympathetic!

Kari ceramik, la poterie a du cœur

Kari ceramik, pottery has heart

At the Kari ceramik workshop, it is first of all the smile and the kindness that welcome you. You will then be seduced by the refined creations, each one more beautiful than the other!

Antoine Micard et ses coups de savate !

Antoine Micard and his savate shots!

Under the colors of the France team, he is constantly fighting to win the top step of the podium! Licensed at SBF (Savate Boxe Française) in Cluses, Antoine spares no effort in the ring!

Anne-Sophie et Bertrand, beer, burger & rock’n’roll

Anne-Sophie and Bertrand, beer, burger & rock'n'roll

Are you looking for a place to come and have a drink with colleagues after work? Bivouac Malte is made for you. Do you want a good burger but not those made in famous fas-food chains? Bivouac Malte is made for you. Finally, you are looking for good beers at […]

Anne-France Binder, attachée à notre Histoire

Anne-France Binder, attached to our History

As a heritage guide and history teacher, Anne-France takes pleasure in taking us on a journey through time. For more than 25 years, she has made history her vocation. Passionate about history "Through various trips, I was able to discover, motivated by my curiosity, the richness and diversity of […]

André Genin

André Genin

With André, there are always plenty of ideas. Both mountain guide and mountain bike instructor, he can't get bored! Installed in the valley of the Arve, it is a pleasure to make you discover nature differently. Forest bathing, hiking, snowshoeing, staying in a teepee, airboard, fatbike, mountain biking… It adapts easily […]

Alix et Sylvestre, une nouvelle aventure

Alix and Sylvestre, a new adventure

Having a restaurant was obvious for Alix and Sylvestre and what better place than the Reposoir to make this beautiful project a reality? Discover their routes and their restaurant. Alix: “My name is Alix Martinez, I did a general baccalaureate after upgrading. I continued on a BTS. We met every […]

Alexis et Djemila Saïfi, une histoire de famille

Alexis and Djemila Saïfi, a family story

After different backgrounds, Alexis Saïfi and his sister, Djemila, met to share their passion in their father's bakery and pastry shop in Mont-Saxonnex. Their complicity and their complementarity guarantee you a treat for the pupils and the taste buds! A family takeover Djemila: “I did my STMG baccalaureate with a specialization in management and finance. Afterwards, […]

Alexandra Carle, l’art de la précision

Alexandra Carle, the art of precision

Alexandra Carle takes you into her workshop to show you her precision work. “My name is Alexandra Carle, I am an enameler, micro-painter. I have been self-employed for 3 years and I arrived in the region 2 years ago. » “It’s a profession that is truly specialized in watchmaking. I am a decorator […]

Albert Félisaz, l’entrepreneur et montagnard passionné

Albert Félisaz, the entrepreneur and passionate mountain dweller

PLUM in Thyez is a family affair! Albert took over his father's company with his brother in 1994. They surrounded themselves with the right people to innovate and create precision parts. They have become specialists in ski bindings, but not just any… lightweight binding like […]

Lumière sur Alain Duval

Light on Alain Duval

You don't know Alain Duval? So here is his portrait! He tells us a little about his story. A colorful character with 1000 ideas per minute, Alain is an optimist convinced that life is beautiful and that happiness is within everyone's reach. Not a minute to lose, […]