Vous reprendrez bien un soupçon de Sanskriti ?

Will you take back a hint of Sanskriti?

Sanskriti: no this word does not come (for once!) From the Savoyard dialect that we like to use in our pages! Sanskriti is a unique place in Haute-Savoie, where yoga, restaurant and guest rooms are brought together, for the happiness and well-being of all. Sit down… .Inhale…. Exhale…. Prachi + Benoît = Sanskriti Si […]

Une activité qui a du chien !

An activity that has a lot of fun!

The joke was easy to start this new article about a still little-known activity: cani-rando! Here, don't count on dogs to do all the work while you daydream… In cani-rando, it's all about sharing and exchanging with the dog that accompanies you… and that's for […]

Tester la moto électrique

Test the electric motorcycle

At the foot of the Bargy, in the heart of nature, come and try an extraordinary experience: the electric motorcycle! No more noise and the smell of gasoline, we can be green and fully roll the levers! Finally the eco-friendly motorcycle Edwige and Jeremy, the founders of Mountain E-Park, are passionate. They did […]

Sensation grand-nord

Far north feeling

Do you feel the soul of a Nicolas Vanier? Are you in love with large spaces covered with immaculate snow? Lovers of freedom, the Initiation to driving sled dogs is made for you. Ludovic Gloanec and his pack await you. This experienced musher will pass on his passion for skiing and huskies to you in […]

Passion : apprenti skieur

Passion: apprentice skier

Skiing without the ESF is a bit like a beach without a palm tree, a holiday without sun, a winter without snow…. it doesn't taste the same! And the French Ski School is still THE place to be to make your first tracks on the snow. A 100% professional and local welcome You […]

La permaculture pour les nuls

Permaculture for Dummies

There is a corner in Haute-Savoie, and more particularly in Mont-Saxonnex, where nature, culture and ecology come together. This place is the place imagined by Nans and Antoine: Aux vegetables d'Antan. The perma… what? "Perma" for "permanent" and "culture" for "agriculture", where agriculture which is inspired by the harmonious functioning of natural ecosystems. “Permaculture […]

Fabriquer son couteau

Make your knife

Want to make a knife that looks like you? Come on, we light the forge, we take the hammer and we go. Julien, a blacksmith cutlery craftsman, shares his love and know-how for working with metal. He guides you with kindness in all the stages of the assembly of a knife: enough to make you a fine […]

Esprit Chartreuse

Chartreuse spirit

Need to escape the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect with the essentials? Welcome to the Chartreuse du Reposoir, founded in the XNUMXth century on a grandiose site, currently a Carmelite monastery. The magnificence of the place overwhelms you with emotions and soothes you. Far from the tumult of the valley, a Carmelite community made a vow here […]