Ahead of its time

The town of Scionzier has always been ahead of its time.
We can say that it was a real community of municipalities before its time.
Formerly, the town was a huge territory made up of the current towns of Nancy-sur-Cluses, Reposoir, Marnaz and Vougy.

Scionzier is a flagship of the bar turning industry, but not only! If the city is the homeland of industry, it also has some very nice surprises in store. Between factories, shopping, nature and culture, come and discover the gems that only this city can offer you.

I say YES to Industry

History Scionzier, or Schonvy for the locals, is closely linked to that of the valley: formerly the territory of the Carthusians, the town has become a hotspot for local industry which is the pride of every self-respecting Chonverot. It is not for nothing if the town hall is called the House of Industriality and if the members of themunicipal harmony are nicknamed "the children of Industry"!

And A River Runs

The development of Scionzier is linked to water. Crossed by the river "Le Foron", the city has been able to use its hydraulic power to produce electricity and supply the machines that will be used in watchmaking and then bar turning.

In the XVIIIst century, the peasants of the area manufacture very small mechanical parts for the Swiss watchmakers, thus allowing them to benefit from an additional income.

Thanks to these peasant-watchmakers, Scionzier becomes the queen of watchmaking. Then end of the XIXst, production goes beyond this area and becomes bar turning. Nothing to do with necklines and lingerie: today, bar turning companies produce parts for many sectors (aviation, automotive, telephony, medical) that they export all over the world.

Yum the meringues!

Meringues de Marnaz, Boulangerie Grand
Grand pastry bakery meringues

Fancy a little treat? What could be better than a chocolate-coated whipped cream meringue from Grand bakery?

Fabrice fell into it when he was little: at 8 he spent all his time in Chonverot pastry shops learning the tips and tricks for making good sweet treats.

Today, with his partner Gwenaëlle, they are keen to make everything at home: from the flour to the kneading, everything is local. Their credo: to please people. And this even if they have to get up at two in the morning every day!

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