If we were you we would go there! Take a guided tour or a workshop of the Museum. You will be able to discover a very beautiful collection of pieces all as rare and interesting as each other. But also because the team of mediators is too strong: animations, workshops, thematic visits, costumed visits, we do not stop them!

The Museum Super-team

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the history of time measurement and the endless world of precision.

We encourage you to come and meet the mediators of the Museum quite simply because they are super strong! They will make you love time-measuring instruments: sundials, nocturlabes, candle alarm clocks, oil clocks….

The Super Mediators (yes yes, the Museum also has its Super Heroes) offer visits and workshops for all: dissipated families, interested retirees, passionate couples… You will remain stuck!

Workshops and tours of Ouf!

The Museum offers unique pieces in the world. And for all the skeptics, museum phobics, there is…. Workshops and visits!

Impossible to remain passive, to sleep in your corner: with the workshops you will take action. Adult or child, we will learn while having fun.

Guided tour with a magnifying glass, fun workshop, costumed tour: you will not come out unscathed! You will discover the quest for precision through centuries and techniques.