The (re) creative city

  • A true city of hops, Thyez concentrates all the breweries in the valley.
  • The city makes your creativity grow: the Economic Site of the Lakes is a hub of ultra-well-thought-out entrepreneurs, brilliantly suited to 35 inspired companies.
  • Heritage, Industry, equipment and festivities make Thyez a city where it is good to live.

Thyez is a city on a human scale, where nature, industry and economy are part of life. The Lakes site illustrates this wonderfully. Between swimming, coworking, gastronomy and high quality accommodation, this is the place not to be missed! Business tourist, entrepreneur, visitor, inhabitant, Thyez has many assets to charm you.

Bent over them?

The Ceutrons were a Celtic people of the Alps, established in the valley of the Arve. Thylons were therefore Celts, in VIIIrd century BC. Not the type to seek quarrels, the Ceutrons were rather pacifists: they cohabited with the Allobroges.

But legend has it that our "ceutron thylons" would have opposed Hannibal and his elephants by trying to prevent them from crossing the passes of the Alps. These Celtic ancestors are still celebrated today as they should during the Celty Lake festival : you can see good fellows wrestling shirtless in the mud!

Lakes of Thyez: in the cool

Baignade lac de Thyez, jeux pour enfants, ombre, vallée de l'Arve, Voie verte
Credits Charles Savouret

The Thyez nautical base is damn well equipped: picnic tables, barbecues, children's play area, skate park, sports course with fitness equipment, ping-pong tables, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts. pétanque… In short, everything you need to exercise or have a drink with friends.

The swimming lake is supervised by lifeguards during the summer. We are relaxed when the kids are in the water! If you prefer to tease the gudgeon, you will be like a fish in water: trout and pike keep the line here.

And as the thylons do things thoroughly, the nautical base is widely accessible by rollerblading, stroller, scooter, cart or bicycle. In addition to the greenway, you have secure individual bicycle shelters nearby.

Safe Coux

At the foot of the Pointe d'Orchex hides a corti * (garden) d'Eden: "Sur le Coux", where time stands still to transport you to the heart of nature, to the Bed and Breakfast of Evelyne and Jean-François.

Their warm welcome will make you want to stay here forever and enjoy the comfort of their guest rooms or their unusual habitats: transparent bubbles in the trees or hanging “drops”.

And if you prefer to taste their potato fritters completely perched, it is possible thanks to the Corde Joux: we install you in the trees at more than 6 meters for a "trendy meal".