Village located ...

  • 5882 valley pedal strokes and 356 bends
  • Lowest decibel per inhabitants in the valley (the Carmelite sisters have taken a vow of silence)
  • A real village of champions (Nathan Paulin, High Line world champion, was born there)
  • Capital of the “Cheese Planet”: country of cheese made here and nowhere else

Famous for its Carmel, a former charterhouse founded by the monk John of Spain, Le Reposoir is rich in its natural, historical and gastronomic heritage. An essential stopover at the foot of the legendary col de la Colombière, the village can be enjoyed with the eyes as well as the taste buds: here, it's a cheese festival every day!

A little closer to the stars

Le Reposoir is very televisual! His Carmel has been honored several times.

Formerly called the valley of Béol, the origin of the village is linked to that of the Chartreuse founded in 1151 by a monk: John of Spain. Listed as a historic monument, the monastery is home to around twenty Carmelite nuns with a contemplative vocation. So shhh, no noise here. But succumb to the pleasure of discovering the beauty of Carmel, a real jewel of our cultural heritage., surrounded by its woods and meadows.

The old one Chartreuse, now Carmel, is built in a magical setting of breathtaking beauty.

Carmel, Chartreuse du Reposoir, Visite patrimoine, Jean d'Espagne, Haute-Savoie
Credits Charles Savouret

No need to make a whole lot of cheese out of it!

Well yes, because Le Reposoir is THE country of cheese. The altitude, the climate and the steep slopes favor the growth of a very green pasture grass, ideal for the cows and goats which are the queens of our mountains. Add to these exceptional breeds the unique know-how of the village farmers and you get the best cheeses of the world !

Chevrotin, Crottins, Abondance, Tomme, Reblochon, Serac, the list is long and makes your mouth water. Just like Béol, a cheese that only exists here! This semi-cooked pressed cheese made from raw cow's milk and with a rind was invented with love at Le Reposoir, by a local operator and producer.

A stroke of the pump?

As we say in the Tour, with Le Reposoir, we attack the mountain! Fans of spirals and drops will be thrilled to cross the Col de la Colombière at an altitude of 1613 meters and head to Le Grand-Bornand. The bravest will first face the Col de Romme and then descend again drink a little beer ou refuel in the village, before embarking on theascent of the Col de la Colombière.

Dré in the pentu *

dré in the pentu:
straight down the slope!

La Reposoir ski resort is ideal for families and novices. The site of the village will allow beginners to make their first tracks. Skiers who want to go big (put the package on skis), will head for the Chalet Neuf sector located 7 kilometers after the village.
If you don't ski, put on rackets ! Go for a walk on the routes or accompanied by a professional in the heart of nature. You can also go sledding or just drink a mulled wine during the little one's ski lesson.

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