Welcome to the matondus!

  • Here we do not play the flutiau but rather the lyre
  • No gagged bard in the village, but rather a 300-year-old “Saint-Sigismond Châtillon” Municipal Harmony
  • A plateau at the top: a real treasure coveted by hikers and Nordic skiers!

Saint-Sigismond dominates the valley while being close to the Grand Massif resorts, emblems of the ski industry. Not belonging to either of these two worlds, this village is a world apart, which hides within it a nugget: the Agy plateau. There is a scent of life-size adventures here: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking ... So open your chakras, inhale deeply and take the opportunity to work on cardio in the great outdoors!

Vallée de l'Arve depuis Agy, haute-savoie
Credits Charles Savouret

To origins industrial history

It is at the beginning of the XVIIIe century that one of the illustrious inhabitants of Saint-sigismond launches the industrial history of the region. Claude Joseph Ballaloud is a visionary of genius: he introduced in his village the work of production of watch parts subcontracted for the watch factories of Geneva. Many inhabitants follow suit: this activity allows you to put butter in the spinach, especially in winter. Without the brilliant idea of ​​Claude Joseph Ballaloud, the valley would certainly have a completely different face today. So who do we say thank you to?

I work on cardio!

Ski de fond, ski nordique, plateau d'Agy, Maurice Magnificat
Credits Charles Savouret

Cross-country skiing is a sport for old people. We all said it to each other one day. But grandpa's days with his gaiters and turtleneck sweater are well over. Welcome to the era of the sticky pipette. It sends the wood!

Nothing like it to eliminate the gnole-tartiflette of the day before or to type in the saddlebags: skating or alternative, the benefits of the bottom are proven.

Forget the noise of the ski lifts, the overpriced ski passes at neighboring resorts, and ski in the footsteps of Maurice Manificat, the child of the country, "pure product of Agy".

The Nordic Center in Agy welcomes you with open arms to advise you, provide you with all the necessary equipment and help you in your first glides: their team is at the top and the setting is magnificent! Come on, let's take advantage!

It's not just skiing in life

Musher, baptême chiens de traineaux, plateau d'Agy

Not a fan of skiing? Come and lose yourself in the nature of the plateau to better find yourself in dog sleds, snowshoes, or on foot.

On the way back, you will share a "good fristi" with family, lovers or friends, at the mountain restaurant La Tanière. The Savoyard specialties are numerous: raclette, tartiflette, potato fritters...

Escape from Les Carroz and his monchus *

Parisian tourists

Randonnée balade plateau d'Agy été, Restaurant la Tanière

Take the shuttle, leave the crowd, disconnect the wifi and connect to the quintessence of the plateau. Here is the sweet melody of happiness!

Listening to oneself, benevolence, deep breathing: summer and winter, the practice of conscious walking or afghan march will offer you a relaxing and almost meditative experience. "Thanks to this practice, body and mind you will harmonize, and without fatigue away you will walk".

The Agy Plateau offers a wide range of easy walks. The calm of nature and the 360 ​​° panorama will allow you to admire the exceptional panorama with a plunging view of the Giffre and Arve valleys.

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