Heidi's country

  • A two-story village: Nancy-sur-Cluses dominated by the hamlet of Romme at the top of the pass
  • At the sound of the bells, in the middle of the pastures time stands still
  • A view of Mont-Blanc to die for from the top of Romme
  • A legendary pass that has made more than one cyclist give up!


Need some peace? True natural and emotional lift, Nancy sur Cluses rises from 650 to 2220 meters above sea level: it will send you to 7st sky ! There are no buildings or crowds here: far from real estate programs and mass tourism, the built heritage has remained authentic. Its houses, attics and twin ovens are typically Savoyard and have been preserved over time.

Romme Nancy-sur-Cluses, Vallée de l'Arve, Genève, Alpes, Col de Romme, Tour de France
Cluses Digital Images

A past that combines with the present

From the XVIIst century, some peasants of the village decide to seek their fortune in distant countries. They go to do business abroad during the off-season.

These itinerant merchants left Nancy-sur-Cluses without goods and got their supplies at the major Swiss fairs. With a basket on their backs or accompanied by a mule, the hawkers carried their goods and went on foot through mountains and valleys. True lovers of their village, those who made their fortune were keen to embellish their homes and offer their parish religious buildings that they had built and decorated. Nancy-sur-Cluses keeps intact the traces of its very present past.

As a dancer

Col de Romme, Tour de France, col de légende, cyclisme, vélo
Credits Charles Savouret

As we say at home, "it attacks hard" with this 9,4 km pass at 8,5% average. A great challenge in prospect for lovers of great efforts. Especially since the arrival is not in the village of Nancy-sur-Cluses. There are nearly 3 kilometers left with more than 9,5% average to the pass: pure happiness! So yes, we stick our tongue out, we suffer martyrdom but to the sweet sound of the clarines and with a magnificent view, please! At the top, the country of Heidi welcomes you. A typical hamlet 100% chalets de la Yaute.

I can't have tartiflette!

Tartiflette, spécialité haut-savoyarde, Reblochon

For all cyclists who, once at the Col de Romme, need to water the flowers, hydrate their throat or stock up on good local products, there is the café-bar-restaurant La Rebloche.

Far from being reserved for cyclists, this place is THE meeting place for lovers of Savoyard dishes. So at the table with Fabrice and Marina, the managers, who will make you discover the specialties of the country: fondue, tartiflette, potato fritters. Another local specialty, Vormy cheeses made in the mountain pastures and sold directly by farmers. At an altitude of 1855 meters there is a good smell of fresh cheese.

After waxing the sled *

After abusing local products, especially alcoholic

Ski Romme, snow, stations, hiver Nancy-sur-cluses
Credits Charles Savouret

In the hamlet of Romme, we don't just eat: make way for family skiing!

The village is small, but "friendly". There is no question of cutting corners here! In winter, the ski center is the meeting place for families. Moreover, you will certainly find them seated at around 16 p.m., a good waffle in your hands ...

The resort is "multipass": very accessible by the price of the ski pass, it offers a kindergarten with snow line for the little ones up to the black slope for experienced skiers who send powder snow between the bumps.

If you don't ski, put on the snowshoes! Otherwise, opt for a walk on the routes or accompanied by a professional in the heart of nature.

Summer, we also like it *

We also love summer

Tour de la tête de Romme, Vormy, col de Romme, randonnée
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In summer, hiking is the order of the day with Mont-Banc in the viewfinder.

The Col de Romme offers many walks for all levels. Accompanied or in complete freedom, you will necessarily find your happiness.

From the Col de Romme, the 360 ​​° view is sure to turn heads! View of the Aravis, the Chablais mountains and even the Mont-Blanc range, from the highest points of the village, at an altitude of more than 2000 meters. Enough to motivate the less enthusiastic hikers!

La Fée-Buleuse Aventure Abracadabrantesque Jeux d'aventures Romme Nancy-sur-Cluses
La Fée-Buleuse Abracadabrantesque Adventure

Otherwise, to occupy the children, but also the adults, we thought of everything! Adventure games in the heart of nature await you, each more magical than the next.

For adventurers of climbing, Romme is also a good spot. Recently equipped, the Vuardes cliff is reserved for seasoned climbers. It offers beautiful carbonated airways. Attention, non-mutant climbers refrain!

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