The village above the clouds

  • The best view of the valley for lovers (but not only)
  • A blessed lake at the foot of Bargy
  • Installed in the “Creux de la Boite” at the beginning of the year, a traveling still distils the hooch
  • At Easter we still play the traditional game of cornichon !

Mont-saxonnex extends at the foot of the Bargy chain. The mountain contemplates the village and its many hamlets. Your heart will beat faster: a hotspot for lovers, its Faucigny belvedere offers a breathtaking view of the Arve valley.

Belvédère du Faucigny, église Mont-Saxonnex, vue sur la Vallée de l'Arve
Cluses Digital Images Credits

Here the remarkable

The history of the village is cradled by agriculture with producers with delicious local salty and sweet specialties and the watchmaking industry where its inhabitants have long manufactured watch parts sold to Geneva watchmakers.

The village is also the meeting place for all enthusiasts of climbing and alpine skiing: why choose between the pleasures of the table and those of the great outdoors? No reason, everything is to be lived in unison!

Let's start with the church which is dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption. It dominates the whole valley and is one of the places most instagrammed. You risk getting your bells ringing if you don't take a little detour through its remarkable interior and gazebo. For all the curious, young and old, head to the Pincru chapel and its bulbous bell tower.

Eglise de Mont-Saxonnex, Bargy, Alpes, vue sur Vallée de l'Arve
Cluses Digital Images Credits

The mountain has eyes

Les yeux du Bargy, Alpes, Lac Bénit, randonnée été
Credits Alain Duval

The spot for hiking in Savoie Mont-Blanc is here. Lac Bénit is the crème de la crème of family walks. At the end of the effort, a great reward: the blessed lake, beautiful and wild at the foot of a very impressive limestone cliff.

We see on its wall two cavities separated by a spur that evoke eyes and a nose. In Mont-Saxonnex, the mountain has eyes to be better contemplated!

The 100% electric snowmobile: it's possible!

motoneige à Mont-Saxonnex, Morsullaz, Moutain epark

At the foot of the Bargy, in the heart of nature, come and try an extraordinary experience: the electric snowmobile! No more noise and the smell of gasoline, we keep the magical setting of Morsullaz.

Edwige and Jeremy, the founders of Mountain E-Park, are passionate. They had their own 100% electric cars designed. They love their sport and they like to transmit their passion in a preserved, natural environment. Children from 5 to 14 years old can safely learn to pilot a snowmobile.

Mzhî: y fo bé pliézi *

Eating: it's a pleasure!

Boucherie Callier, Mont-Saxonnex, produits locaux, charcuterie de pays
Credits Charles Savouret

Here, you can't resist the delicious temptation to taste all the good local products, the recipes of which have been passed down for generations. potato fritters are an institution! They can be tasted in the very good restaurants of the village.

The smoked meats de pays will delight your taste buds, as will the sweet specialties: need, rissoles, Bear paws...

Patte d'ours, Mont-Saxonnex, spécialité pâtisserie
Credits Charles Savouret

The hospitality of traders and artisans is typical of Mont-Saxonnex. No wrong notes, they will be happy to welcome you! And outside of their opening hours, Amélie's grocery store offers you all these local products.  

Tsèvra o tyu? *

Goat or cabbage?

Chèvrerie des Oulettes, Adrien Bonnaz, fromages de chèvres
Credits Charles Savouret

If the cows are numerous in Mont-Saxonnex, the goats steal the show. Alpine breed, it is because they breathe the fresh air and graze the good grass of our mountains that they produce exceptional milk, which will be processed on site.

Tommes, raclette cheese (with goat's milk of course), there will be something for everyone. These tasty cheeses are made on the farm by goat lovers, at the Chèvrerie des Oulettes.

Art at the top

Alice Laverty, Mont-Saxonnex
Credit Alice Laverty

Who said art is only urban? We love art in Mont-Saxonnex *! (we like that)

Talented artists and artisans live off their passion in the village. Drawing, music, writing, pottery, floral creations, sewing: artistic and cultural practices are varied!

Poterie, Mont-Saxonnex, stages poterie, Kari Ceramik
Credits Charles Savouret

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